# 696…Chiropractic Nightmare Hash Trash…Friday, June 10, 2016

# 696…Chiropractic Nightmare Hash Trash…Friday, June 10, 2016


Saludos desde Colombia (Greetings from Colombia).  I’m running on a few hours of sleep so this hash trash is going to be super shitty, but you’ve already made it this far, so you might as well keep on reading.  So there we were, in Speedway.   The cool, fresh spring days we have turned into pure heat.  Among those present were Desperate Lay, A Ray of FUCKING Sunshine, Flabong Me, Did We Fuck?, Cuntpletely Forgettable, Gaelic Pasties, Cum Ride This Train, Ladrone, Weird Al, Psycho, Salad Tosser, his two virgins, Diswhoriented.  


Did We Fuck? was using a knife to cut something and accidently cut his finger.  It was quickly apparent that this was not something a quick rub down with dirt was going to fix.  He had to go to the hospital.  Sadly A Ray of FUCKING Sunshine and Did We Fuck? missed trail.  We hope you’re alright.  


We had circle in Flapjack the Milfman’s backyard.  Four years ago he graciously hosted HAH Hash and let us camp out there. Four years ago we wore out our welcome.


Desperate Lay brought our hares, Naughty Back Checking Pussy and Show Me Your Dong, I’m the Piano Man into the circle and sent them on their way.


So we started going east around the park.  Big surprise, there was a back check.  True trail led us west to N. Mickley Ave. There was another straightaway and another back check.  True trail led us to where 16st. St. dead ends and followed the easement along Eagle Creek.  After a long straightaway, we came to Eagle Creek.  The beer check was at the other side.  


We crossed the shallow, rocky water and grabbed some PBR’s and Miller Lights.  At least one hasher was trying to get votes for Gary Johnson.  I’ll give you a clue, it was Poly Glamorous, who also bore the hashhit.  


From the beer check, we made our way up.  We pretty much went along Eagle Creek to the second beer check.  The second beer check was under I-465.  There was another creek crossing to get to the beer check.  Gaelic Pasties was sweet enough to carry Ladrone’s pooch across the rushing creek.


There we drank some more beer and had our normal conversations about sexual positions.


About 7 minutes after the hares left, it was time to make the trek back.  We passed through a construction zone and meandered back to the start.  


It was starting to get dark.  The hares knelt down and drank their beer.  The hashhit was brought out again.  Commie Blowjabbie narrowly won the rights to bear the hashhit in a tiebreaker.  
The on-after was at Union Jacks.  



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