#699…Ten Years Past Their Prime Hash Trash…Friday, July 15, 2016

#699…Ten Years Past Their Prime Hash Trash…Friday, July 15, 2016


There we were on the south side.  It was a beautiful, sunny summer evening.  We convened at the decaying strip mall near the intersection of S. Keystone and Hanna.  A big group of around 40 of us showed up including Robo Cop a Feel, Snatch Cracker, Cum on Ride This Train (did I get it right this time?), Jewbacca, Cuntpletely Forgettable, Say My Name, Lost in Place, STD, Just Kristina, Asexual Predator (a Houston transplant), Hump & Pump, NEEEERRRRD!, Just Jestina, Dumb Cumster, Homo Erectus, Secret Diddler Man, Cock Deposit, Flabong Me, Not a Cool Pussy, Weird Al Spankabitch, Just Emily, Just Stan, Just Steve, Just Yathika, Pedaltration andShowcase Shartdown.  


The hares for this shitty trail were Lawrence of the Labia, Money$hot and Hit Me With Your Cum Shot.  13” led the chalk talk and intros.  When Money and Lawrence left, Cum Shot stayed behind.  She was in charge of buying extra beer for the unanticipated large turnout and bringing the beer to the beer stops (aka auto-haring).  After 13” got done explaining the marks (confusing the virgins), Cum Shot drew a pair of saggy tits, representing the tits that were past their prime.  Any titties that we see on trail, however are good titties.


We went south on S. Keystone Ave. and wandered through the residential area.  This circle jerk took us through back out to Keystone where we entered into the Indiana Little League Park.  There were a few marks in the park.  We combed the area, but found no trail.  Finally we realized that we missed the check outside of the park and kept on going south on Keystone.  


We went over the interstate and took a left on Redfern Dr.   There was a check further up the road that provided some much needed confusion.  Many of us through that trail would surely go in the shiggy, but we were surely wrong.  We made it over to Carson Ave. and took a steep decline into the creek.  There was a SC 9…a shot check nine, which was a shot check for the first nine hashers.  From here we foraged our way through the dense shiggy along the banks of the mighty Lick Creek.  A group of DFL’s led by a virgin went across the creek and ended up losing trail for a short bit, but no worries…we made it.  We made it to the beer near.  


The beer near was under I-65.  Not only was there a cooler of beer, there was corn on the cob and hot dogs.  I know which trail I’m voting for for best beer check.   Spirits were bright.  We drank our beers and had our normal conversations about polar vortexes and pokemon.  


The hares set out and we headed (wsh?) on back.  We went through Stone Lake Apartments, dodging glances from the residents.  The sun was setting and beautiful orange and purple could be seen in the clouds and sky.  We made it on back to the dilapidated strip mall.  We circled up and then the hash crimes started to fly.  We called Cuntpletely Forgettable in for playing pokemon on trail, Money$hot for alcohol abuse, and all of those who brought virgins for failing to instruct their virgins.


For announcements 13” announced that the next trail is going to be campout.  If you’ve regoed, I’ll look forward to seeing you there, if not, you going is not a possibility.  Cuntput made a plea for hares to step up in September.


On July 14, 2006, around 20 virgins showed up to the hash for the first time at the Bastille Day Hash.  10 years later, of those 20 virgins, 3 defied the odds and are still showing up today.   These three hashers have been to approximately 874 hashes.  Many hashers have cum and gone, but these three have stuck around for 10 years.   Thank you Lawrnece, Cum Shot and Money$hot for your contributions to Indyscent these last ten years!  


The hashers who were both on the Bastille Day Trail in 2006 and on today’s trail were Money$hot, Say My Name, Jewbacca, Lawrence of the Labia, Hit Me With Your Cum Shot, and Lost in Place.  


On out,

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