Banned Camp 2016: Fallatio

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time to register for the last (and some say GREATEST) campout party of the year!!!! French Lick!!!!

What’s that? There’s nowhere left in French Lick we haven’t left a permanent smell, stain, or traumatized child? Where the hell are we going to go?

After months of searching and discussing and planning we decided to just throw a dart at a map, and poll a bunch of half-minds to name a new, amazing, cabin weekend experience.

French Lick could have been named such horrible things as BOOs Camp, Cabin Fever Touch My Beaver, or the Bumpin’ Pumpkin Cabin Hash, but will now and forever be known (until we decide to name it something else) as Banned Camp!

Banned Camp 2016: Fallatio  happens Oct. 28-Oct. 30 at: Shakamak State Park Group Campsite located to the West of Indianapolis.

Accommodations are 12 cabins filled with hashers at a private camp site.  The Party Zone will be located in the mess hall (nobody has to sleep in the party cabin this year!). Running water, full bathrooms, and microwaves will be located in each cabin.

Cost covers your lodging, all food all weekend, all beer and booze, costume contest (Yes! I said COSTUME CONTEST!), prizes, Highland Games, swag, Fallatio fun, and three shitty trails in unhashed territory.

Click below for more details, to rego, and to see who’s cumming! Don’t miss this fun-Fallatio-filled experience!

Banned Camp 2016: Fallatio REGO

Who’s Cumming?

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