2016 Hash Award Results

Congrats to all of you wankers and thanks for making 2016 a successful failure!

Here are the results if you decided to not show up to one of the best parties we’ve had all year, or were already blacked out and getting cocks drawn on you.

Best Trail: Hashing of the Bulls – Chap Dick Charlie & Numb Nuts
Shittiest Trail: Longest Trail Longest Day – Camo Tow, Money $hot, & Nautical Pussy
Longest Trail: Campout FLOAT TRIP – Camo Tow, Jacoochie, Desperate Lay, & Nautical Pussy
Shortest Trail: Broken Humeral Head – Cuntput & Cacklez
Best Beer Check: 10 yrs. Past Their Prime – Hit Me With Your Cum Shot, Lawrence of the Labia, & Money $hot
Best On After: Holiday Hash 2015 – Salad Tosser
Best Fat Boy: Prom Panty Dropper – Salad Tosser & Nautical Pussy
Hash Slut: Cum on Ride This Train
Hash Wank: Hump and Pump
Hash Drunk: Monogamistake

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