Need to pay for Banned Camp?

You need to pay before September 2nd to avoid the price increase! ¬†Here’s how:

Paying in Person

Please do so at any hash with the cash hag.

Paying by Check

Please make checks out to Jenni Case.
Please include hash name in memo!
You may send your payment to:
Jenni Case
1315 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Paying by PayPal

PayPal friends and family goes to

Paying by Cash App

Cash App goes to $indyscent

Paying by Credit Card

You don’t need to make an account but there is a small fee.¬†Click Here To Pay With Card

Remember: Your rego price is determined by the date you pay, NOT the date you register! If you do not pay until after the next pay increase, you will pay the higher amount!

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