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Saturday December 16, 2017
11:00 pm HST



Alright, we are way past due for some new IndyScent Hapi Coats. Plus, there are now Lunar Hapis if anyone would like to do those in a group order. There are many options and we will need your money before Dec 15th for the order, so pay attention and don’t fuck this up. We will try and do confirmations on an individual basis, since I know you’ll fuck it up anyway. Pick which coat you want in the ticket options of the rego. If you want both, just rego twice.

IndyScent Hapi Coats

If you haven’t seen our Hapi’s before they look like this: IndyScent Hapi Pic

We will be offering a bit more options than we have in the past. Hopefully we don’t regret it from the added difficulty.

Typically we just have IndyScent HHH down both sides of the front, but we are going to give you the option of putting your hash name up to 22 letters on one side if you’d like. This adds $3 if your name is 1-6 letters, $4 if your name is 7-13 letters, or $5 if your name is 14-22 letters. If you want to do this, put the EXACT spelling you want in the rego form for “Exact Name for Hapi.” You will also need to add the extra to the base price for your payment.

We will also give an option for 1 or 2 inside pockets. If you would like these just select that in the rego form and once again add the extra to your total for your payment.

Base price of $45 is for sizes XS to XL. XXL adds $2.50, XXXL adds $5.

Figure out your size here: Size Chart

As a general rule for Indy hashing we recommend getting a size larger than you’d expect in case you need to put it on over layers during our lovely winter weather. But that’s up to you.

There is a little padding in the base price for the set-up fee and shipping. Depending on how many people order there will be an additional charge for shipping that we will split up equally. This will be collected separately between ordering and delivery to you. 


Lunar Hapi Coats

If you aren’t familiar with Lunar HHH, it is a charity hash group of thousands of people from different kennels around the world. There’s a facebook group, and patches, and events, and all sorts of shit. Chances are if you don’t know this you probably don’t want one of their coats, but if you want more info just ask someone in Mismanagement and we’ll clue you in. Anyway, their coats come from the same supplier. We will order them for you through Lunar and you’ll pay exactly what you would if you did it through them yourself, however this helps them out on the shipping if we do a group order.

These come as a flat rate price of $69 which includes a custom name that you should include in the “Exact Name for Hapi” field. Somehow the lunar ones can go up to 27 letters if need be. There is no option for pockets and no additional charge for size or shipping to worry about. Any extra money they make goes to the Make A Wish charity. These can be seen here: Lunar Hapi Pic


PayPal friends and family goes to

If you REALLY need another option, contact Monogamistake or Big Ol’ Box of Cocks and we will figure it out.


Bookings are closed for this event.