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Wednesday November 1, 2017
7:00 pm HST


The Tavern

802 S West St
Indianapolis, IN 46225



Just in case you didn’t get enough Halloween at Tosser’s or Tuesday night, Pedaltration and Monogamistake have some tricks and treats for you! Be prepared to have some fear boners as we take you through the scary streets and paths of the south end of downtown. Wear a costume if you’d like, but it will probably be cold as shriveled Cocktower balls so you might wanna do layers.

Lies & Promises: Leftover candy, haunted tunnel, fear checks, abandoned buildings, hobo camps, hot dickens cider, bigger turnout than the Hyper Hash (this one is a promise as long as the two hares show up), and lots of Boos.

When?: Wednesday November 1, 7PM HST

Where?: Stadium Tavern (“The Tavern” now) Probably in their lot or one across the street. Look for hashers looking for hashers.

Who? Pedaltration and Monogamistake

Why? To get rid of your Halloween hangover.

What to bring? $6 hash cash, prelube, warm clothes, courage, cranium torch, thirst.

K9 friendly if they aren’t too skiddish.