#683 Cosby Sweater Hash Trash…Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cosby Sweater Hash


So there we were…at the north side of Broad Ripple at Opti Park.  30 some of us gathered in the 50-degree weather wearing ugly sweaters with the Goodwill tags still on them.  Among those in attendance were Cuntput, Vibreaker, Commie Blowjabi, Six Year Itch, Twat Floss, Butt Chug, Anxiously Anal, Upright Position, Gender Bender, Sucks the Dick, La Drone, Desperate Lay, Did We Fuck?, Cum Ride On This Train, Best In Blow, A Ray of FUCKING Sunshine, Caught Red-Handed, Just Chris, Just Joshua, Just Amy, Just Amanda, Just Mackenzie, Just Rena, Scibbies, Snatch Cracker and Anal Angus.  We drew our horrid markings out of eye-site of the innocent youngsters who were playing ever-so merrily on the playground.  The hares, 13 Inch and Did We Fuck? set off.  Cautious parents kept a vigilant eye on their offspring as we blurted out our obscenity laden names during the intro.  Anxiously Anal shared the story of how she periodically farts on Caucasian families at Wal-Mart and once tripped on acid and made out with a homeless man.  

We set off south onto E. 66th St. We made our way over to Riverview Dr. where there was a check.  The check took us north along the river.  Less than half a mile into trail we were already at our first beer near under College Ave. bridge by the White River.  We munched on some orange snacks and drank some Big Red beer.  

We came out and ran along the Indianapolis Art Center, we hit the Monon and went through an apartment complex. We crossed Westfield and went south along the river.  We hit a shot stop by the dam and sewer drainage area.  

There were some extra strong pudding shots with Mike and Ike shaped roofies in them.  There were a lot of shots and not enough hashers to drink them.  We would certainly have had many leftovers if it weren’t for the super-drinking powers of a certain hasher.  This hasher has single-handedly raised the standard for drunkenness at the hash.   His standout drinking performance was notable at his very first hash (Revenge of the NEEERRRD  – 11/4/15) and after merely four hashes, he won the coveted Hash Drunk Award.  We’re talking, of course, about White Girl Wasted…you’re an inspiration to us all!

From the shot stop, we wandered our way through Broad Ripple.  We wandered through some streets and alleys until we reached 61st and Broadway Park.  The FRB’s enjoyed a pickeled herring treat.    We hung out under the pavilion and sipped our beers for at least half an hour.  The entire pack walked back to the start.  

In circle we had a few hash crimes.  There were some virgin names.  Desperate Lay got called in for speaking in an Australian accent and Cuntput got called in for calling way to specific of a hash crime.  We had a few virgins a few visitors and a few hashers that left before circle.  We swung low and then made our way over to the Pawn Shop for the on-after.  

Don’t forget about the Pervington Trail tomorrow.   


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