#693…Friday the 13th Hash Trash…Friday, May 13, 2016

#693…Friday the 13th Hash Trash…Friday, May 13, 2016


So there we were on the west side.  It was a bright Friday evening with some warm, welcome sunshine after days of pouring rain.  The mediocre sized crowd of about 20 included Butt Chug, Twat Floss, 13”, Vibreaker,  A lot of Wet Pussy, Did We Fuck?, Cum Ride On This Train, Flabong Me, Diarrhea of Manspanks, Just Candice, Just Jen, Just Jon, La Drone, Snatch Cracker, 6 Year Itch and Cuntput.  


Graciously showing up to do only a minimal part of trail and hang out at the bar while the rest of the pack foraged through mud, shiggy and thicket, uprooting trees and shrubs and flowers were Commie Blowjabi and Anxiously Anal.  We really can’t complain because they bring us the beer.


Our faithful GM and acting RA, 13” ushered the hares, Salad Tosser and ATM into the circle.  They were seen going westward.  We did intro.   13” attempted to do the first part of chalk talk with a cigarette in his mouth.  He sounded like a 70-year old gator hunter from the swamps of Lousiana in need of a replacement trachea.  Once he took the cigarette out, he then took on the accent of a middle class Midwestern insurance adjuster.


He explained that there was an turkey eagle split.  The eagle split was to literally see an eagle.  


Shit, I literally just realized that Cuntpletely Forgettable was also on trail.  How could that have slipped my mind?


We took off going North on Lynhurtst.  Nautical and Flabong Me left a hare early and spotted a hare.  They were kind enough to stall for a while, giving the hares the chance to proceed and not get floured.


Underneath the N. Lynhurst bridge overlooking Eagle Creek, there was some rum and soda and glasses waiting for us to make some bad decisions.  


From the shot stop we took off and ran through the grassland alongside Eagle Creek going west.  We then cut into the woods.  Just Candice tried painstakingly to avoid poison ivy and went through the mud and up the hill on a fallen tree.  (Aren’t you bummed you missed this Commie and Anxiously Anal?).


We went up to a housing division and then went on Speedway Woods Dr. toward 10th St.  Butt Chug recalled a story of how he fucked a girl outside of a bar in the woods and ended up getting poison ivy.  


We crossed 10th St. and went from St. Auburn to N. High School Road.  We saw a BN, but there was no beer in sight.  We turned around and combed the area until we discovered that the BN was further ahead.  We made our way onto someone’s property.  It was one of ATM’s friends. There was beer in a cooler and a fire waiting for us.


We had our normal conversations about pooping and hung out there for a while.  The hares left and we followed their path over the wooden fence and back onto N. High School Road.  Trail appeared to have led near an abandoned athletic club that I would have gladly gone inside had it not been sealed shut.


We finally went over to a tunnel that went under I-465.  This was a lighted tunnel, not the kind that Cuntput takes us through.  There was a lot of trees and debris inside the tunnel and the walls were covered with graffiti.  We went through the tunnel and west into some deep shiggy.  


The shiggy was bounded on either side by some cookie-cutter subdivision homes.  We pretty much had no choice but to power through the shiggy.  We finally hit a spot where the shiggy was just too dense.  Fortunately a kind west-side let us go through his yard.  


We wandered through a mile or so of subdivisions, crossed N. Girls School Road and found Tosser’s home for the BN.  We hung out by his yellow truck and had some PBR’s.  The trail was an A to B so we got rides back to the start.  


It was a late night and a few of us took off from the start before everyone else got back and before we did circle.  Did We Fuck? was about to get laid, so he took off and Cuntput had an early morning appointment with the government, so he also dipped out.  So, instead of telling you about circle, I’d like to give you a lecture in hash history


The last time ATM hared was on the End of the World Hash on December 21, 2012.  It was a cold frigid night and we started near the pyramids on the NW side.  The trail took us through the woods and we ended up having a campfire and hash wedding in a hospital parking lot.  The wanks who attended the End of the World hash and were also on tonight’s trail were: Salad Tosser, ATM, Dumb Cumster, Cuntput and Did We Fuck?.  


Don’t forget about HAH hash.  We’re going through some human shiggy.  Rego ahora mismo!  




Also, ‘tis the season for campout.  Rego for it now!  

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